Southdown Sheep Society, NZ

"The sheep with an illustrious past and a very bright future"

The Features pages include a number of different sections that we believe will be of particular interest not only to our own members, but also to website visitors.

Most of the pages in this section can be accessed from the drop down menu, but we also provide links to the pages here.

Preparation & Cooking of Lamb & Mutton

Meat Cuts

– Something for everyone on this page which includes photos of all the sections of a sheep and the meat cuts that are made from them

Cooking Instructions

– Simple tips for how long to cook meat and more info as it is added


– – Everyone’s favourite dishes and how to cook them with proven recipes – roasts, Shepherd’s Pies, chops and more. There is even a video on cooking a roast.

Photo Galleries

Galleries from our annual Southdown Sheep Society tours,  A&P shows, sales and other interesting topics.