Southdown Sheep Society, NZ

"The sheep with an illustrious past and a very bright future"

61 - 2012 Southern Tour Group

Over 40 enthusiastic Southdown breeders attended the annual Southdown NZ national tour.  An exciting programme of Stud & Farm visits,  Judging & Corrective mating workshops, Curling competitions, picturesque scenery and of course the experience of the warm Southern hospitality.  Of special mention was the very informative and entertaining bus commentary provided by Roger Keach.  Roger’s depth of knowledge of the area was absolutely fantastic and made the long days on the bus very interesting and memorable.  Thank you very much Roger for all your research and time.  Thank you to the organising committee, Rob Hall (Chairman), Don Murray, Graham Calder & Blair Robertson for all your work.  Please visit the Photo Gallery  for more photographs.